For donors

FCUM Library mission is collecting, organizing, preserving and issuing all kinds of library resources, including books, sheet music, sound and audiovisual recordings, especially those related to the artistic and academic activity of the FCUM Employees and Students. Therefore, we invite all the members of our community to donate to the Library publications, in which they have participated.

If you would like to donate books, sheet music, journals, sound recordings etc. to the FCUM Library, please email us at or call us at +48 22 2789 234 or +48 22 789 302.

We kindly ask you to prepare some general information about the collection you would like to donate (number and physical condition of the items) as well as to send us a detailed list of the items if possible (author – title – place of publication – year of publication).

FCUM Library reserves the right to include in its collections only selected items. By donating your collection to the Library, you consent to donating them also to other libraries as well as to FCUM students.

Upon the donor’s request FCUM Library can send you a formal thank-you letter.

Opening hours


Reading Room:

  • Monday  Friday

    9.30 am  5.00 pm

Lending Room:

  • Monday  Friday

    9.30 am  5.00 pm

  • break: 1.30 2.00 pm

Sound Library:

  • access to the recordings in the Lending Room. In other cases please contact us via e-mail (



  • Monday, Thursday, Friday

    9.30 am  3.00 pm

  • Tuesday, Wednesday

    10.00 am  4.30 pm